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Building on Faith

Faith is a difficult concept when one relies on a rational thought process. Faith stands apart from what could be considered a logical and/or physical concept. Faith is not something that one can buy or receive from someone else. Faith is a knowing that cannot be taught; it just is! Faith is not necessarily a religious experience.

To build on faith, you only require one action, acceptance. Faith is not an idea or even a belief structure as these are finite. Faith is infinite yet translucent in its nature. You cannot put your finger on it and you cannot suggest that it is a living thing, although in many ways it is the living matter behind all that is. Faith is a knowing of the truth. It is a knowing that truth is alive and living within you. It has no material base although it encompasses a solid foundation that you can build on.

Faith is not a concept or idea. It is a knowing that will release us from the anxieties of life.

Faith involves letting go of your perceptions of how you “think” life should be. Having faith is a knowing that life is moving exactly and precisely as it should always be, regardless of the mind’s interaction. Faith is knowing that you will always be on track even in the face of adversity or judgement from others. Open your heart to the natural faith within. Release fear, judgement and expectations. You are always on path, living in the eternal moment, encompassed by love. Have faith in this!

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