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I believe it is important to recognize that we share this experience with fellow transcendent travelers. We are not alone although at times it feels that way. Not only do we share this path with our family and friends, but we also share it with those in our vicinity and going further with those not as physically close. Essentially, we share this experience with all fellow beings.

Going deeper, we share this world with all living things, including plants, animals, birds, insects, bacteria, fungi, etc. How important is it that as we give respect and love to all earthy inhabitants?

We need nature far more than nature needs us. Where would we be without oxygen from plants/trees, water, food which would not exist without insects, birds, etc. We need to learn respect for all earthly inhabitants.

Canada is on fire. How does this affect us as a whole?

The earth is a living breathing organism. We can do our part and those in authority representing us must also do what is necessary to help mother earth be healthy again. Alone we can make a change, but together we can move mountains.

Do we continue with “Business As Usual” or do we do something to initiate change?

What small change can you make to start?

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