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We will experience a Wolf Full Moon @ 16° Cancer on January 6 @ 6:07 p.m EST. This Full Moon falls in the 2nd decant adding a hint of Scorpio to the energy. It is in opposition to Mercury @ 17° Capricorn and is sextile Uranus at 15° Taurus. Check your chart to see if this Full Moon affects you. The more it influences the natal chart, the more influence affecting your life.

Full Moons are a culmination point of what was set in motion 6 month earlier during the New Moon in the same sign. The energy we put into a goal is directly related to the harvest of the fruits of our labour. This is a time to harvest, re-evaluate our ambitions and calculate what still needs to be done or to refurbish our goals.

When in the sign of Cancer (with some Scorpio influence), this likely has to do with family, friends, the home environment, and any nurturing that might be included at this time. “Looking after” might be a good phrase to simplify what this is about. Some re-establish a home environment that perhaps was not in place prior to this time. Family members may move in or some may decide to move out. It may be a time when we revisit our parent’s situations and make decisions based on their personal needs. Often time the parents or children are part of what is unfolding.

With Scorpio we may need to dig deep and face some hidden matters that should be dealt with. Sometimes reaching within is what is required. There is often more that goes on than what is revealed on the surface. We may not like what we see.

The opposition from Mercury may suggest that we need to make plans or take needed action. Making decisions based on what is required even though emotionally challenging may be required. The opposition often suggests that other people are involved. It might not be your decision that counts but that they are making suggests that you likely need to listen to.

The sextile from Uranus suggests that what is taking place may not have been anticipated (unexpected) but action is required. A move in a new direction may be needed. The unexpected should be expected with Uranus.

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