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We will be experiencing the New Moon energy on the 9th of July, 2021, at 9:16 p.m. EDT in the sign of Cancer at 18 degrees. With the New Moon in Cancer and Venus with its conjunction to Mars both in Leo, (Venus at 15 degrees and Mars at 18 degrees both Semi-Sextile to this New Moon positioning), this can suggest the potential for a strong love interest with a highly emotion connected. The Semi-Sextile often speaks of being in the right place at the right time.

Since the New Moon’s energies are affiliated with new beginnings and if you have a planet near the 18-degree mark especially by conjunction or opposition then perhaps these energies will apply to you.

Are you ready for an exciting relationship?

The energy is strong, and the time is ripe for this to take hold. This would be particularly so if the New Moon takes place in your fifth house as this often represents new unions. If this is found in the seventh house perhaps this suggests your relationship will go to a new level.

Venus and Mars together often suggest romantic liaisons or in some cases a push to gather oneself and put energy into the finances. Venus speaks of love and affection but can also denote money and valuables. If this is about relationships and if this New Moon is found in your fifth house perhaps this speaks of an addition to the family or a plan to move ahead with this in mind. Leo is often associated with a drive, push or desire to lead rather than follow and love and affection is high on the list.

Remember what you begin and set into motion will often rise to fruition during the next Full Moon in the same sign (Cancer) which is in 6 months. The work you do moving forward will have a direct impact on what the harvest will look like. Cancer often relates to family and nurturing, so this New Moon has indicators that often have this in mind. Family may become increasingly important and nurturing and taking care of them may be high on the agenda.

Saturn at 11 degrees Aquarius is in opposition to Venus and Mars and this stirs up some potential need for structure and can assist in the building of a solid foundation but only after any necessary work. Others may have a hand in this perhaps opposing what is in force or on the other hand helping push the energy forward. Saturn, however, wants to move slowly and with precision while Mars/Venus in Leo is ready for action. This may create a bit of a dilemma.

Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus forms a T-square with Venus/Mars and Saturn. The squares from Venus/Mars and Saturn make this a challenging aspect. Much energy is applied to Uranus which is the planet of change. Disruption may have a say in what is taking place as well. Uranus seeks to remove any obstacles and foster in a much-needed change although it can do so with a degree of abruptness. However what Uranus often seeks is freedom on some level and change that is long past due. You might have had a few kicks along the way pushing you in a new direction and Uranus’ energies are not hindered as it is still in direct motion (Uranus moves into retrograde August 20) suggesting that its energies are currently unobstructed.

There is little doubt that those affected by this New Moon will have their hands full and you can anticipate lots of energy pushing you ahead. Lead by your heart, not the mind and follow your intuitive insight.

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