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Capricorn Sun Conjunct Pluto during 2017

In the upcoming year Pluto will be moving between 16-19 degrees of Capricorn. Those with the Sun even as far back as 9 to 10 degrees Capricorn and as far forward as 26 to 27 degrees Capricorn will be affected by this transit of Pluto by conjunction.

Pluto is a very powerful planet which often brings with it transformation, regeneration and sweeping changes. Pluto’s action is not overly passive but often you will get a semi-gentle reminder that things need to go through alterations, and at times, even total renewal. If life’s course needs to go through a transformation and you find that there is little hope of saving the situation, it might be advisable to let go and start anew willingly. Pluto will often bring an end to redundant conditions in forceful ways.

The Sun often deals with your aims and objectives, your goals in life and you may have been working towards an end or objective for some time now. This conjunction may signal that the culmination point is finally at hand. Pluto does, however, insist that no leaf is left unturned and that moving forward now will also mean that what once was, will no longer be. As mentioned, this could include your goals in life. If by chance you have not been moving in the right direction for necessary changes or you have fallen short in reaching your objectives, this will be the time when you cut your losses and either make major changes or put an end once and for all to reaching these set goals.

The Sun is also a defining point when it comes to who you are, and Pluto will also insist that you have a good long, honest look at who you are and how you are representing yourself in life. You may have to go deep to uncover any pushed aside character traits that you have not been willing to accept. Now is the time to deal with them. You may not like what you find but you will have to make some alterations and accept what you see in order to make the necessary changes that the soul energy now insists on bringing to the surface. This can be challenging but worthwhile.

Sometimes the Sun will represent the father or an authority figure in your life or even the husband. These apparent changes that now need to take place may involve one of these people in your life. In rare cases (and there would have to be other mitigating factors in the chart suggesting the same) this could indicate an ending of sorts to these people; however, this is rare. Please do not spend too much time mulling over this particular bit of information. Pluto does speak of an end of conditions and the start of something that is new but necessary. An ending does not necessarily mean physical death.

At any rate there are often great changes in store and it is suggested that you work persistently and carefully to move forward in your life. It is rare that obstacles can actually deny us our goals or halt our current course in life. You likely will find that you can persevere even in the face of adversity and overcome. You are capable of achieving things that you never thought you would be able to. It may be necessary to eliminate anything that no longer is necessary but you will have to go through these changes in order to find that which is now accessible to you to make these positive changes. You will have great power and persistence to achieve almost anything during this phase, (like never before).

Now is the time to move forward in your objectives and work hard to achieve what you set out to do no matter what stands in front of you.

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