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Today is our final section with our focus on Ceres. We will look at aspects. Previously, we looked at Ceres in general, the houses and the signs on March 13, 18 & 25, 2019.

As mentioned on March 18, when we speak of Ceres in the signs, it defines the way we might approach healing and also how we might uncover and own-up to our darker side. If we were to take Ceres in Aries for excample our way of healing would be in a very forward manner. We might even act out our own desires to help and those that we try to assist and mother may not even want our assistance. With Ceres in Aries it is always wise to ascertain whether or not those we are helping actually want our help. When in this sign, we would be rather aggressive and probably feel as though we would know what is best for that person.

We can also relate this information to ourselves and we might take an aggressive route to heal or nurture our self. This would also apply to reaching out and finding our darker corners and then dealing appropriately or hopefully appropriately with these shadow issues.

When we speak of Ceres in the houses, which was touched on in our post on March 23, the house will provide information on where we apply our mothering nature towards others and ourselves. For example, Ceres in the fifth house would be someone who uses love and affection to help the healing process or provide nurturing for those in need. Remember this applies directly to how we would nurture ourselves with Ceres in the fifth house as well. We may also work diligently on this with our children and lover with the hope that we would receive some recognition for our efforts.

When becoming aware of our darker corners, we would approach this in a caring and nurturing manner, perhaps by being open with ourselves and allowing love to do most of the work with our fifth house example.

When we look at Ceres by aspect (and this can be through transit as well as natally), we need to look at the aspect in question and whether they are challenging ones or not. It is also important to note which planet is making the aspect and bringing their energies into our lives.

Transits are temporary while making aspects. How tight the aspect is between Ceres and whatever planet or angle is involved would define how much of a challenge it is or might be or how much of an easy flow there may be and how we can use these energies appropriately throughout our lives.

Some Astrologers have found that a separating aspect natally suggests that the issue is resolved although if the aspect is very tight there might still be still some energies yet to unfold.

An applying aspect suggests that the problem or easy flow of the aspect is yet to be used appropriately to become a concrete means to assist one in the long haul.

There is a huge difference between a square to Saturn and a trine to Jupiter although the house position and sign position would have to be considered while defining these energies and how they might unfold. Saturn does tend to restrict things and present us with lessons to learn while Jupiter usually suggests potential growth and expansion and good luck. A clear understanding with respect to the rest of the chart would also have to be taken into consideration.

Ceres’ energy is all about nurturing and being nurtured. The way we nurture and receive nurturing is suggested by the positioning and aspects to the placement of Ceres.

As mentioned in a previous post in our Ceres series, Ceres is yet to be analysed clearly and only time and gathered information will help the full understanding of its energies.

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