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Ceres is the largest asteroid found so far and it is located between Mars and Jupiter.

Some Astrologers believe Ceres to be the ruler of Virgo, although much further study needs to be undertaken before we can make this distinction.

It has been noted that Ceres has a connection to nurturing and mothering, dealing instinctively with the nurturing of those less fortunate or those that might be termed the underdog. Its complete energies, however, are yet to be determined.

Ceres’ influence in the natal chart by sign, house position as well as aspects from other planets or points especially by conjunction, plays an important role in defining its nature. As mentioned, Ceres is connected to nurturing and mothering, and it also deals with family relations. Its sign position defines the things that make us feel nurtured and how we might go about nurturing others as well as how we might nurture our own personal needs.

Ceres’ house position will be linked to the most likely area of life that will be connected to this nurturing need. The influence of the aspects to planets or angles by Ceres will be determined by the nature of the aspect involved. Squares and oppositions as well as some conjunctions are more stressful, while sextiles and trines are more easy flowing. The planets provide their own energy and this energy will need to be carefully defined to reach conclusions as to what the chart is telling us.

Ceres has been linked to food, agriculture, and clothing. It has also been linked to grief and the need to seek out what was lost even if it means derailing everything in order to find it. Ceres appears to love what is considered natural and the simple things in life. Ceres’ energies have to do in part with simplicity, although it is also linked to hard work. It seeks out what is good for us in simple, easy to follow steps and this makes it available to everyone regardless of mental abilities, although as we all know that our perceptions, focus and expectations often have a big hand in our lives.

Ceres is connected to the feminine role, although much has changed in this regard over past generations, so it is not always an indication of a female just the feminine.

As mentioned, it is tied to hard work, but it should be noted that it does not seek out recognition because of hard work. Ceres in Leo may be an exception to this.

Ceres is said to be modest and shows where we can deliver what is needed for our physical existence.

Ceres is also connected to the need to face our darker sides and fears in order to rise above them. This is particularly true if Ceres is found in the eighth house or connected to Scorpio or the planet Pluto.

Ceres also shows what our early nurturing was like and how it was received, and this often plays a role in how we eventually nurture others as we mature.

What is Ceres telling you in your chart?

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