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On March 13, 2019, we touched on Ceres in Astrology. Today we will go a little deeper and look at Ceres in the Signs.

Ceres, as mentioned previously, lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and has been known to be connected to nurturing, both the nurturing of others and also the nurturing that we need for ourselves. It speaks of the early nurturing we received in life or in contrast the lack of early nurturing we received in childhood.

For example, those born with Ceres in the sign of Capricorn may have lacked what was considered early nurturing due to the potential for one of the parents either being missing or unable to nurture because of their tendency of being too strict or conservative.

It should be noted here that Saturn retrograde has also been linked to the missing father and sometimes when aspected poorly (either by square or opposition or by conjunction) the father or authority figure was absent perhaps due to separation or divorce or in some cases the father passed away early in life. The father or authority figure could also have been absent due to his occupation or a preoccupation with addictions.

There is often a strong feeling for those with Ceres in Capricorn that control or some type of restriction was present in early childhood and this can extend into adult years. Sometimes one or both of the parents had difficulty expressing sensitivity or was overly reserved or inhibited in some way. Perhaps the parent was too wrapped up in business concerns to find time to provide nurturing to this child. This parent may have been strict and may have made the child learn to depend on themselves for any type of emotional support. This, in some cases, can make the individuals self-reliant but also to appear somewhat cold. Those with their Ceres in Capricorn, because of their own experiences, want their own children to feel secure. They will want life structured in such a way that they will have nothing to worry about financially.

It is suggested that those with Ceres in Capricorn must learn to let go of these concerns and recognize that in the long haul, we each orchestrate our own lives and learn to structure our lives through life’s experience.

In contrast, those individuals with Ceres in the sign of Cancer may have been protected and emotionally mothered in early life, with many warm hugs and a sensitive awareness that the home environment needed to be security for a children and also to provide stability. Many individuals with Ceres in the sign of Cancer will carry this forward into adulthood by being overly sensitive to their children’s needs, while at the same time needing nurturing themselves in order to feel safe and secure.

Those with a Gemini Ceres learn nurturing through communication and need to hear words of encouragement and should have been allowed to use their own minds to figure out any issues in order to feel nurtured. Mind frame and attitude will play a big part in these individuals’ lives and as parents they will provide their children with a variety of tools to utilize information and knowledge. They will offer open dialogue that will help their children as well as their own internal relationship through shared information and discussion. These people may not necessarily need to feel nurtured through interaction from a physical point of view, but will need to hear that they are needed and valued and likeable because of their keen minds and their ability to communicate freely about their concerns.

Much of how Ceres operates in the chart will also be defined by the house position and aspects to Ceres. These will colour how Ceres plays out in our lives and define our need for nurturing and our need to nurture others with greater detail and clarity. We will take a look at houses and aspects in the near future.

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