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During times that we feel stagnated, we are actually offered a perfect opportunity to review. Once the review is complete, it is not unusual for a new growth spurt to be experienced.

During these lulls, are you aware of the specific energies that are taking a leading role in your evolving story? If you can feel their influence, you would realize that you have actually not stagnated.

It is at these times and during times that you face hurdles that you are learning to remain steadfast in your approach as well as to put into practice all that you have learned to date. You may feel as though you are at the mercy of life but you are somehow gaining inner resolve, even though you do not quite understand what is taking place.

This struggle or stagnation will pass with lessons well learned (perseverance, patience, etc.) and you will again regain your momentum to continue on your voyage to understanding. The fog clears and you regain your direction and stability once again. Although these conditions did feel challenging, you have learned to have faith in the process. You recall what has brought you to where you are now and recognize all the impacting events you have experienced before this time. These experiences have their value for they have brought you to where you are today.

There is no doubt that these times can be challenging. Stifling of ego will help to alleviate the negative feelings associated with these conditions. You personally do not feel lost or restrained. It is your ego that is trying to make you believe that this is how you feel. By identifying with its influence, you falter and as a result, you sometimes can forget your path, at least temporarily. You will regain your momentum once you understand that ego is influencing you and affecting your attitude.

Do not get caught up in this illusionary attitude. You are far beyond that. The ego is simply grasping for control. Hold on to your truth and ride the wave. It won’t last much longer.

Remind yourself that this is a period in life that is offered up to reflection. It is a time to reflect on where you have come from, what you have learned and to ready yourself for what is ahead. You are to simply listen to the inner or higher voice that suggests that this is a requirement and that reflection is the key. Enjoy the experience! Utilize it to its fullest.

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