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As we spend time with others, over time, they pick up certain characteristics from us and we pick up characteristics from them.

Are we particular with the characteristics we take on?

It is said that we are a collection of traits from each and every person that has had an influence in our lives. If this is the case, is it not then important to choose our friends and those that we associate with wisely (as the old saying goes)?

The obvious influential people in our lives are those that we choose to spend our lives with as partners.

As children, our parents have great influence on us. Some children look forward to growing up just as their parents and other children vow that they will never take on the characteristics they saw in their parents. Either way, as children, we are influenced.

As we grow and mature, we welcome more and more individuals into our lives. In our informative years, we are highly influenced by those around us and once we are independent mature adults we begin to realize that taking on characteristics of others can be a choice. There is still an influence but we realize we can put filters in place.

Perhaps this is how we get to know ourselves. Perhaps once we want filters, we take the time to examine ourselves and we recognize the characteristics we have picked up along our journey. This begs the question, “Who, then, are we?”

Who is our inner self…….that inner core……that quiet voice within? Maybe this is a question for another post?

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