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Were you ever told when you were young to pick your friends wisely as you become what you friends are?

Those that you surround yourself with will certainly have an impact on you. Not only do others affect us on a mental level, but they can also have a bearing on our overall health. This is not to say that the person who you invite over for coffee and a simple chat will greatly influence your physical condition, but they will influence your overall being for that particular moment in time. It will, of course, be in your hands how much of an impact you allow them to have on you.

You may find that they have important information that resonated with you on a deep level, and you may choose to utilize the information offered. You will hold some of the dialogue in your conscious mind and you will also retain some of this information on a subconscious level. Alternatively, you may decide that the conversation held little to no importance to you, and you may decide to let most of it go. How much of that information, however, is unconsciously retained?

We spend many hours with family, friends, co-workers, etc. throughout a week. How much influence do they have on us subconsciously?

Their input is quite significant to our evolving story. Is their influence positive in nature?

Family members are not always our best friends and some we may allow to produce strife in our lives. Do we wish them a loving farewell or are they part of our lesson to learn to overcome outside influences?

To stay or to go is a very personal decision. If we can block out their energies or influence, we are doing a great job. Toxic relationships, however, can have an impact on our overall health. No relationship should be allowed to rob us of our health and happiness. If you find that your relationships need altering, have a look at what you can do to facilitate change on some level. Remember, however, you cannot change someone else. If change is to be made, it is up to you to make the adjustment. If you have done all you can and the relationship is not improving, it is important to understand that you can only change yourself and your outlook. You cannot force change on someone else. If they are not willing to do the work, you have a decision to make.

On the other side of the coin, there are those relationships that simply feel good. You feel wonderful sharing time and energy with these individuals. Hold these relationships close and enjoy the experience. They may be a passing encounter or a lifelong blessing. No matter the length of contact, they are precious.

Each of our various relationships throughout life will offer many things and on many levels. Do not take these relationships for granted, regardless of the challenging conditions that occur from time to time. They are special and we are fortunate to experience them. Some will be with us for a moment and some for a lifetime.

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