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Circle of Influence

Pick your friends and associates carefully as each and every one of them will have an impact on you. Not only do those around us have an effect on us at a mental level, they can also have an effect on our health. This is not to say that the person you chat with in the coffee shop line-up will have an influence on your physical condition, but they will have an effect on your attitude and your energy level at that moment in time. It will, of course, be in your hands just how much of an impact you allow them to have on you.

You may find that a social guest may have some important information that resonated with you on a deeper level and you may choose to engage in the energies and attitudes they are offering in the conversation. You might hold some of the content of their dialogue in your conscious mind and you may also consume it on a subconscious level. Alternatively, you may decide that the conversation held little to no importance to you and you may allow the energies of the conversation to be released. Most conversations that we participate in, however, carry some ingrained information that we can call on at some later date or seeds of information that can grow into wonderful knowledge in the future.

Many of us spend long periods of time with our family and close friends. These individuals play a significant role in our lives and their input is particularly relevant to our ongoing evolution.

Close family members are not always our best friends and some, if we allow, can even produce a lot of strife and stress in our lives. We may wish them a kind and loving farewell as we acknowledge that they no longer serve a real positive purpose in our lives OR we can change our attitudes towards them as there are many times when these very individuals are exactly what is required to learn the lessons we have come to learn and to grow from our experiences with them.

If you find that your relationships need alterations, take a look at what you can do to facilitate change on some level. If, however, you have done all you can and the relationship and your attitude towards the relationship is not adjusting then perhaps you will need to communicate your feelings in a clear and concise manner. Change is something that all parties must be willing to participate in.

If the relationship is detrimental in all ways and change is not an option, it might be best to let go. Toxic relationships can have an impact on our overall health and condition of the body. To stay in a harmful relationship could prove to be very detrimental to both our happiness and our health.

On the opposite side of the coin, there are those relationships (which can also include friends and even associates) that provide us with an overall wonderful positive feel. They embrace love and compassion as well as guidance. These are the individuals we are so fortunate to encounter throughout our lives. Appreciate these individuals for they are precious.

Important relationships will offer us many things, on many levels. We should never take any of these relationships for granted, regardless of the challenging conditions that occur from time to time. They are special and we must recognize and appreciate how fortunate we are to share our lives. Some of these individuals will be with us for a long time while others may slip away too soon.

Enjoy each and every one of your friend and family members. Share your life when you can and your love always. We are all kindred spirits living our spiritual existence, currently in a physical vehicle.


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