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We must always remember that our thoughts stem from within and we can ultimately steer them in any direction we desire. We are not at the mercy of these thoughts, but it may seem that way at times. We struggle when we are captive of these ideas and their constant barrage that create conflict. This can go on for long periods of time, even years for some, as they live within the clutches of thoughts.

The conflict continues for as long as it takes us to recognize that they are merely thoughts and not concrete reality.

The longer we adopt a belief, the more it is manifested into our reality. It takes time for life to begin to appear this way, but it does slowly creeps in.

Eg. You learned a new word yesterday and today you have heard several people use it YET previously you had never heard of it. You attention is now focused on that new word and it shows up repeatedly.

We can change the direction of our thoughts through our focus. If we focus our attention on the negative in our life, we highlight this and draw more of the same. If we begin to focus our attention on the positive in life even if there is very little at the time, the ongoing focus creates more of the same.

We may have been under a thought influence for a long time. We choose, however, how long we wish to hold on to adverse experiences and our attitude towards these events. The longer we have been held under the spell of disillusionment the longer it may take to reprogram our mind. As the old saying goes “Rome was not built in one day”.

When we decide that we will no longer be held by these conflicts and learn to catch them in the early stages of development we can stifle the process. Life will still happen as it does for us all, but we can choose how to relate to these conditions, and we choose how long to hold on to them. We are the masters of our life’s experience internally as we control our reaction to life’s events.

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