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There are many individuals who get caught up in the past. They spend countless hours reminiscing, and they wish they could go back to that time. They think of those times as the good old days.

Do you realize that this particular point in time will be the good old days in twenty years from now? Rather than looking back at what once was, take a much closer look at what is, right now!

Look closely at what is right in front of you, in this moment and pay particular attention to what feels right. We can be so accustomed to complaining about what we do not like or have that we ignore those things that we can be grateful for.

Time waits for no one and if we spend our lives living in the past or wishing we were there, we are no longer living as we are missing out on the eternal moment and the magnificence of what is happening now. The moment is all we have and our attention to this is paramount.

Do not spend another moment thinking about what was, for what was is in the past. Do not waste your time worrying about what might come in the future for what we worry about seldom comes to fruition. If you hold on to yesterday, you halt what potentially lies in today. You cannot move forward without letting go of the past. The past can include people, memories, wishes, dreams, ways of life ...anything that you tend to cling on to.

Live for today! Experience your life by living it. Do not squander the opportunities of today. It is your birthright to be happy. Believe this and allow. Happiness can only be found in the present moment.

Believe in your potential for happiness. This potential lies within your focus on all that is and this serves you well. If life feels difficult, what is the lesson to be learned? Once you are able to figure out the lesson, you can then acknowledge it and let it go.

Enjoy this moment. Appreciate it and all that it holds.

May you simply allow and bringing into focus a wonderful “today”.

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