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The next time you are in a group of people that you know, take a moment to study each individual. How are you connected? Why are you together? Have you found each other by chance or is your relationship predestined? When it comes to close family members, undoubtedly there is a past life connection. When it comes to acquaintances, take a close look at how you feel when you are with them.

There will be some individuals that you are just extremely comfortable being with even on your first meeting. Some people feel like old friends immediately and you get on very well.

There will be other individuals that you meeting and you have reserved opinions on them. Perhaps you have met in a previous existence and have things that still need to be worked out. Pay close attention to the feelings you have around this individual. By being tuned into your emotions, you should be able to obtain hints as to why you have reunited and what must be work out.

There are others that come into your life for the first time because the soul understands that you both can offer each other learning tools and can gain valuable insight from one another.

You meet many different individuals for many different reasons. Each encounters no matter how brief leaves you with information to assist in your growth. Even an abrupt encounter has meaning.

The next time you sit down to have a conversation with someone, keep these things in mind. Ask your inner self for guidance and perhaps you will get a clearer picture on why you feel the way you do towards this individual.

Do not dismiss the information that comes your way but do not over analyse it either. Acknowledge your relationship; appreciate the emotions shares; learn the lesson at hand and be grateful for the interaction, whatever it may be.

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