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It is suggested that we pay particular attention to the significant events that transpire in our daily lives. This may refer to someone coming into our lives for a specific reason or an incident taking place that somehow seems co-incidental to that which is transpiring in our lives in this particular moment.

Have you noticed that there are times in life when you are speaking to someone and having a relatively normal conversation when out of nowhere they just seem to say something that makes you stop for a moment and ponders its deeper meaning? This can come at any time and from anyone. It does not have to be during a deep conversation. In many cases, the life changing information comes out of the blue and is rarely expected. It may even come from someone that you would never expect it to come from, such as a child or passing stranger.

It is important to remain open to these valued moments, but at the same time, we cannot look for them. They usually happen when they are least expected, but somehow when we receive the information, we know that what is offered to us has great meaning, far more than the messenger realizes.

Sometimes these “openings”, if you will, do come during deep conversation with informed individuals and when we are learning something of significance, we know it on an instinctual level. Most times the information fueling our awakenings is via higher realms and the messenger is not even aware of the significance of their message. The information comes from many channels and on many different levels.

As mentioned, it is wise to not get caught up in trying to initiate these moments. They will happen when the time is appropriate and not a minute before.

In most cases, no one else hearing the conversation will experience the same enlightenment and even if we try to translate or restate the message to others, it is a wasted effort as the message was meant for us and us alone. Sharing this experience or information is fine, but certainly not necessary.

Many will define these brief moments as coincidence and they will often just let them pass by with little focus. There is no such thing as a coincidence in reality. Almost without exception every event in our lives has some level of importance. We should never allow the experience and the information to simply pass us by. Of course the actions taken during these relevant times in our lives are always up to us. We can deal or not deal with the situations and the information as we choose.

In order to continually move forward in our journey, when someone or something (information) enters our lives regardless of how short or long the duration, in it beneficial to pay heed. If we truly listen to what others have to say to us (so many individuals are busy during conversations thinking about what their responses will be instead of truly digesting the information offered), we will continue to grow. Each and every conversation we participate in has valuable information for us. Nothing is by chance.


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