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Many individuals are of the opinion that they are alone on this journey. What is your opinion?

In many ways it seems as though we are on our own during this journey to awakening. We do share this experience with many others and we are quite aware of this. Why then do we feel alone and what is it that makes us feel apart from others? Does ego have a hand in this?

We are all a part of the collective consciousness. With this understanding, surely we can eliminate this feels we have and then provoke change in this world--change for the greater whole.

Have you ever thought of someone and then the phone rings and they are on the other end of the line?

How often have you been singing a song in your head and then you miraculously hear the song on the radio or the internet?

These small incidences (often thought of as irrelevant) confirm our connection to the whole.

Do you wonder if you, as a single individual, can affect the overall condition of the world? Have you decided that it would be insignificant if you were to partake in an effort to do something energetically worthwhile for our ailing world?

If we feel this way, I am of the opinion that it is time to think again. We share this world, we share this collective consciousness and we can and do affect each other. The part that each of us play is important. Not one person more important than the other. It does not matter the state of our conscious connection although mental recognition is beneficial.

We are all part of the process and linked in consciousness. Many are aware of the awakening taking place world-wide. Some read about it and others feel it. We form part of the ancestral group for this evolving story. We are here to shake up consciousness and to awaken to our greater purpose of peace and love.

Will you do your part in this process? Share your experience and knowledge and align with the universal principle of gratitude. Help shake this world out of its complacency. Belief structure forms our reality. What are your expectations?

We hold the key to the future and as a whole can bring forth the changes that are so desperately needed. Acknowledge your part. We are all one and our consciousness is connected.

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