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Composite Charts in Astrology

The Astrology Composite chart is a report that provides information on the interaction of two individuals as a couple, either through a romantic relationship or business partnership. This chart can also be used to determine the union between any two individuals, such as a parent/child relationship. The Composite charts define any personal relationship between any two given individuals.

The chart is determined by the birth chart of the two individuals and the midpoint between each planetary placement as well as the midpoint between the ascendants and midheavens. An example of this would be someone having their Sun in Capricorn at 15 degrees and someone else having their Sun at 25 degrees Aquarius. There are forty degrees between the two solar locations and dividing this in half, you would have 20 degrees, making the midpoint 5 degrees Aquarius. You would include the minutes as well as the degrees to come up with a midpoint . This is completed for the Moon’s midpoint and all the other planets midpoints, as well as the ascendant’s and midheaven’s midpoints. Most astrological sites will provide you with this chart as long as you have the correct birth times for each individual involved.

Upon completion, you now have one chart which could be viewed as an auxiliary natal chart which describes the union of the two individuals involved. This chart describes the assets and the challenges that are apparent within the relationship. It describes how the two interact as a couple internally as well as externally. Much of the overall condition of the relationship can be defined as well as its apparent attributes and how the two will mingle and interact as a unit.

Many desire to have this chart completed when beginning a meaningful relationship or starting a business partnership. It provides a comprehensive look at the overall compatibility between these individual and if there are deficiencies within the union. There are always strengths and weaknesses apparent within all horoscopes, and this chart defines those particulars. If applied in a unified and appropriate fashion, the information this chart would contain can promote a lasting and opportunistic union that so many individuals seek.

Although this type of chart is very descriptive and definitive, as always, we have free will. If both parties are willing to make compromises within the union, the chances for survival and longevity of the relationship will have greater potential than if one of the parties decides not to function on a level that the relationship needs to survive. This chart details will identify such shortcomings and apparent roadblocks that can be met and possibly conquered during the forming of any relationship. This chart also offers potential solutions for shortfalls within the union that once recognized can be faced head-on, challenged and then overcome, that is again if both parties are willing to make adjustments for the betterment of the union.

Some relationships contain all of the ingredients for a long and loving partnership or prosperous venture, while others seem to present the individuals with obstacles and challenges that will require appropriate action in order for success of the union.

Investigate the potential between any two charts and discover how they meld with each other. You can gain insight and assistance that will assist in alleviating or activating the potential that will enhance the relationship and produce the ultimate outcome.

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