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Each of us has had troubles in life. Why then do you feel uncomfortable about making decisions, believing in yourself, taking the next step?

Why do you fall into the grips of self-defeating ideologies?

Many people seek confidence from outside sources but this must come from within.

Confidence is a building process. It does not happen overnight. It has taken our lifetime to reach our current state and it can take time and patience to start a new building process. Step one is to recognize that the only one that can truly help you is you. Others can help plant seeds but ultimately it is up to you to nurture the germination and growth.

Outside influences can and will influence you but you are the one that decides to hold on to what took place or to learn from the experience and release the energies. To hold on and own an experience can and will influence your happiness and peace.

Identifying what you are holding on to can be your step two. Do not allow past experiences to stop you from moving forward and living life to its fullest. Holding on to past experiences includes holding on to your attitude and expectations created from these experiences. You are meant to learn from experiences but not meant to take up residence there. You can’t ignore or pretend that events did not happen. Ignoring is giving the event energy. You are adding to this because you are still thinking about these matters through you effort to ignore.

Accept, process and then release. Move on and be in the moment.

You are not your thoughts; you are the one listening to them. The mind is much like a computer, and it only holds what you program into it. Be patient with yourself. With continued effort you will see yourself through difficult lessons. The key is to recognize non-productive thoughts. Remain steadfast in your practice and believe in yourself.

Remember the universe, God, life ….call it whatever you want…does not judge what you focus on, it just provides more of like energy. Focus on lacking and you will feel as though life is lacking. Focus on abundance and life will be abundant. The choice is yours.

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