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Consistency is required when achieve something of significance in life. We must give our full effort and remain constant to move anything of substance forward. The beginning is always the hardest, as our primary actions creates what lies ahead and how our goal will develop.

Maintaining our push ahead or drive to achieve will often have obstacles which at times can hold us back. Sometimes the force against us seems momentous. We can feel that our efforts are fruitless. These are the times when we need to be resilient and consistent regardless of what stands in the way. Match resistance with determination.

We gain strength, endurance and patience during these times of apparent setbacks. We become stronger and realize that we have what it takes to move ahead. Ask yourself if this drive and push to achieve has merit. Do what is just and what is required (for you and for others).

Consistency builds momentum and advances us. Without consistency and a willingness to push through challenges, we may not succeed. Sometimes we need to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

On a side note, “How will our actions affect others?” is an important question. Is our approach based on revenge or are we doing what we feel needs to be done because it is just? Justice at times is not what it appears, and self-righteousness should not get in the way of what should be done. Do nothing through hate.

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