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Does your life stimulate you?

Do you feel the urge to push forward but you are not too sure what direction that push should be in?

As you forge ahead, you will make concessions along the way, but be sure to accept where you are for that moment in time. Reach out but be comfortable with what is in front of you. It has taken you your whole life to reach your current summit. What a marvelous feat. Rest assured that you will keep moving ahead, one step at a time.

You are your own creator, sculptured by your beliefs and expectations. You are your only limits and you are the energy required for any expansion. Even when you do not know what that next step may be, keep moving forward. Trust in the process as all that you need is there for you to discover, just waiting for you.

Live in the moment and enjoy each step to its fullest. Be content in that moment but also recognize that there is more to come. Love your life even under harsh temporary conditions and know that during these transitional stages that you are being readied for something new. There is always something ahead waiting for full expression but today we appreciate today for it is leading us there.

All that surrounds you is a reflection of what takes place within. If you are unhappy, look within yourself to understand why. Happiness is a choice. If you are happy, congratulate yourself on your choices and share this expression with those around you. Know that all events are temporary and are experienced only in this moment.

Why would you want to carry unpleasant memories or actions forward? Nonetheless, these are choices.

Do not take any shortcuts. Enjoy every experience and live to learn.

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