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How have you been holding up lately?

You have coped thus far, and you are still standing tall. It is amazing just how resilient we can be. We can be standing facing a hurdle, feeling overwhelmed and then suddenly the hurdle doesn’t seem so big or someone comes along and points out that we can just push it aside or climb over it. We immediately feel as though we can breathe again and we feel so much lighter.

How often does it seem that you are at your weakest point and contemplating giving in to a challenge, and then you seem to turn a corner and your perspective changes? Unfortunately, some are so lost in their focus, they are blind to all of the potential solutions that surround them. We can build our own walls for protection but unfortunately, they also keep out those that love us. The walls blind us to all of the potential available and our old mind sets hold us back, denying us what is rightfully ours.

We can be our own greatest enemy.

If we listen to the quite voice that says you can get through this, you can experience peace in your lesson. As long as we limit ourselves and become captive of our stale beliefs, we have little to no chance of moving forward.

We sometimes blame our life’s circumstances on others. There are many times when people intrude into our focus on peace and calm. Some relationships can be difficult, our work environment can be fast paces and demanding, children will be children, pandemics happen. We cannot control what goes on in our outside world but how we respond to these stimuli is a choice. We have full control over our attitude towards these situations.

We will encounter challenging life experiences and some can be excessively difficult to handle. Take time to recharge your batteries. Do what it takes to stay healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. Find what brings you happiness. Go for a long walk in nature to release, talk to friends and family, communicate your feelings, use release techniques such as exercise, yoga, meditation, etc. You have this. All lessons are temporary. Learn, release and move on. Remember your focus.

Put all lessons in their proper place. Do not allow your mind to make them bigger than life. Believe…..You can overcome anything, but you have to believe that this is possible and no one can do this for you.

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