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We will primarily be discussing transiting Saturn and T. Pluto as the outer planets have a greater degree of and longer lasting influence on us than the inner planets.

Saturn currently (March 2022) is in the sign of Aquarius at 20 degrees and will remain direct until June 4 when it turns retrograde at 25 degrees. It remains in its retrograde cycle until October 22 and will have moved back to 18 degrees, then turns direct again. T Saturn works best when in retrograde as it is gentler especially while making challenging aspects to the natal chart.

Those that have their Sun in Aries between 18 to 25 degrees will be experiencing the sextile between t. Saturn and their N. Sun during the times listed. Sextiles are opportunity aspects and suggest that there is potential for building a foundations that stand the test of time. The house location will set out the areas of life involved.

For example, with the N. Sun in the seventh house the likelihood of having T. Saturn in the fifth suggests there is a potential for building a lasting relationship. On some level children could also be part of the picture. Perhaps your partner has children that might become part of the upcoming union. If there are other indicators that suggest otherwise perhaps a new romantic partner is coming to the surface and you might have to decide how to move forward. Much depends on the other aspects in play. The possibilities are endless. The retrograde cycle could make things easier as you move forward. Always use the energies to the best of your abilities.

Pluto (currently 28 degrees in Capricorn) moves into retrograde on April 29, then direct October 8 at 26 degrees so transformations are at hand. The aspect between your Sun would have to be in the later degrees of Aries to be square in your chart. Squares indicate challenging conditions and obstacles standing in the way.

Pluto tends to tear down what no longer suits our evolutionary growth. Pluto’s influence is total as there is no halfway measures. Often we get indicators that something needs revamping...Pluto is absolute and its action can be challenging as things may be forced upon us. We may fight the change that needs to happen and obstruct the energies any way we can, but often it is quite futile to fight what eventually needs to take place.

The concerns that may arise due to Pluto’s influence will need to be viewed from an evolutionary approach as what Pluto brings forth is often exactly what is needed. Delve beneath the surface and face things even though they may not be pleasant. Who we are, and our way forward often indicated by the Sun needs to change in some manner. Using the energies of the square is paramount as they are the teachers of our times and should not be viewed as difficulties but as opportunities to learn. It is always up to us how we view what unfolds and our attitude and action is always in our hands. We decide which road to take. Astrology defines the energies in place. It is up to us to use the potential for positive motion and learning.

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