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Current World Conditions

Listening to the evening news, you would have to think that our world and mankind are headed for disaster. There are several new situations that have raised their offensive faces in our world at present. There are people fleeing their homelands in fear of their lives. There is ever increasing racial and religious segregation. Religion’s base is a pure one if it is based on love. Love bonds us all together although there are religious heretics or extremists that have proclaimed their rite of enforcement and cleansing in the name of God.

It is difficult for those of us who are peace loving individuals to understand some of the workings of our world, when all we seek is love, truth and compassion for everyone. Should we not be able to mold these objectives into one common tread if we are all in search of the same thing?

Our world seems to be teetering but often before change, we experience ciaos in some form or another. The current order of things must give way for something new to enter into existence. Many feel a change in consciousness or that new world order is taking hold. There is an awakening taking place in our world and if we look around, we will see that many people are on some type of spiritual journey. Transformation is often preceded by confrontation and our world is confronting itself and changes are being made on a global scale.

Be thankful if you are not caught in the middle of this transformation that so many unfortunately are experiencing on a physical level. Many are losing their family, friends and homes due to violence, hate and power struggles. There have been ongoing issues with famine and long experienced suffering in third world countries that seem to be only an illusion in our little protected area of the world.

Suffering on a grand scale takes place every day in our neighbouring countries and many experience horrendous acts of inhuman treatment. Be thankful for your peaceful surroundings. We do recognize that there are many among us who are suffering their own mental anguish and torment on their own personal level.

Be the agent of change in your corner of the world by spreading love, compassion and peace. Pass on the one ingredient that we all have in common as being human and caring for those around us. You can generate love and compassion in your everyday world, spreading the wave of affection and friendship to your fellow man. A loving gesture, a gentle smile and a helping hand are all within your abilities. Alternatively, as one in need, these are always within your reach if you simply will reach out in your moments of suffering and pain.

We are all one and on this journey together. The whole world is joined and although we experience our own life on our own terms, we still walk this road of life together. Shake hands with all fellow humans. Make amends and learn to love one another on a grand scale. Pray for your fellow brother and sister Strive for peace!

Focus your intent in positive directions and pay heed to the world of abundance that surrounds you. We have the inherent ability to make that shift, to change our part of the world and to help those around us that need our assistance, regardless of how insignificant that help may seem. Baby steps pull us in the right direction. You CAN make this world a better place--one step at a time!

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