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As we age more and more loved ones pass on before us. This can be an emotional reality as we get older and some of us may feel as though many of great value have been stolen from us. These souls were a part of our lives and now the time we shared during this earthly experience is no longer. We have to find ways to move forward without their physical bodies being a part of it. In most cases for those of us, particularly in the western world, do not find this an easy task. The more we fight the experience, the more pain we experience.

Ask anyone who has lost a loved one and they will agree that it takes time to recover from their loss and time does not heal wounds; our adjustment to the new way of living is what helps us to move beyond the separation. It is a great challenge to find new ways to continue without their physical energies being with us. We have to find ways to place our focus on other things and other people to bring a new type of joy into our lives. We need to appreciate those that have moved on before us yet fill the gap in this material life. No one can or will ever replace those that have passed on before us.

From a spiritual perspective, we can remind ourselves that their earthly purpose has been fulfilled. Is this not something to celebrate? We know that they are still with us in spirit and we even feel their presence from time to time. Some of us dream of our loved ones and some of us are even lucky enough to communication on varying levels with them. We even recognize their presences often.

It is said that those that have passed are never far away. It is even said that when we think of them we draw them to us. Death is not an ending but a rebirth where understanding and an awakening not known on earth is regained. Their mission on earth has been completed and now they are called back to where we have come, much wiser and experienced than they were when we they first arrived, at least we suspect that this is the experience.

Remind yourself that you are a spiritual being living an earthly existence. It is only temporary. You have come to experience earthly lessons and to find understanding that is not as easily learned through the spiritual existence. Our mission is to complete our earthly tasks, whatever they may be. Our final day will come just as it is meant to.

For those that do not have spiritual beliefs or religious beliefs, personal death or the passing of a loved one can be a frightening experience. Some believe that nothing happens beyond our earthly experience and when we pass, we simply no longer exist….nothing more, nothing less. They say that everything comes to an end; yet science says that energy is perpetual. Many of us can know that there is existence on some level beyond passing from this earth as our life’s experiences have taught us this without question. With this knowledge, we recognize that passing on cannot be an end but a new beginning.

We cannot fight the process for it is inevitable. Experience and allow the sadness and grief when you have lost a loved one but do not take up residence in these emotions. Our loved ones would never want us to lose our focus on what we are here to fulfill. If we allow, we can get caught up in what has taken place and spend many years living in sadness and grief. We can focus on what we do not have or we can focus on what we do have and be grateful for what we have shared. It is a choice. Attitude is everything.

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