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True love always brings joy and it will withstand all outside pressure. You may disagree. Some believe that love causes pain but pain results not from love but from the lack of selfless love. Expectations cause pain. Love is complete unto itself and celebrates by spreading itself throughout the world on different levels of understanding. Love is truth and is never egocentric; it always perseveres, even under the harshest of conditions.

Love can stand alone in the face of adversities. Love delights in compassionate and holds peace at its core. Love is all consuming, ever-present and never ending. It sustains happiness and appreciation and asks for nothing in return. Love knows no boundaries for it is forever expanding. Love offers peace and serenity to all those that choose to express it, to allow it and to live through its bounty.

Love is found within us yet it is expressed through an outward manifestation of truth, everlasting truth. Love is not love at all unless it is shared. Love cannot be saved or hoarded. Love is never diminishing. It is always expanding. It touches each and every one of us without judgement. It encompasses everything and forgives every action.

It is waiting to be set free from within each and everyone one of us. Love is source in its purest form, in its only form.

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