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We are continuing with our chart delineation topic from August 27. Again, we are touching on the various techniques used, the tools which are used, to find and understand the important characteristics and psychological makeup inherent in a birth chart.

Along with the previous tools mentioned in the August 27 post, you will also want to check into chart configurations such as the grand trine. Remember there are four elements that the grand trine can be found in (air, water, fire and earth) each one speaks of self-sufficiency in the energies of these elements. They also promote opportunities and often indicate good luck and easy flow. If the grand trine is found to occupy two different elements such as 2 planets being in Water and the third being Air, this is still considered a Grand trine but it is weakened because it has been split into two elements.

You will want to check to see if there is a grand square. This configuration is quite different from the grand trine. The grand square usually suggests challenging conditions when activated through transit or progression. Often the person will feel stuck and unable to move forward in their life and will need to learn to centre themselves and find an operational outlet. This is usually found through the energies of the closest easy going aspect (trine, sextile, sometimes the quintile) that is attached to one of the four planets or points involved in the grand square.

The T-square, along with the grand cross or grand square, are challenging configuration but usually provide the stimulus needed to push us forward in life and to overcome obstacles. People gain momentum when in balance, but are stifled when they are unable to move ahead. Remember all these configurations have intensity, but are strengthened in their influence the tighter the angle between planets or other important points (Mid-heaven, Ascendant) to one another.

We need squares and oppositions in our charts to push us and challenge us. Without these learning aspects we would easily stagnate. For example, if someone has grand trines in their charts and very few tight squares or oppositions, when they are met with a challenging condition, they are unaccustomed to the pressure and do not know how to handle difficult situations. Someone with several learning or challenging aspects in their chart is accustomed to stressful conditions and will more easily challenge and overcome the more difficult lessons in life.

People with the Yod configuration in their birth chart often experience life in ways that are challenging and they are forced to confront the issue at hand. The energy of this configuration can often produce much stress and could be classified as turning points when activated, where we have to make transformations in life which often leads to awareness or life changing condition. These events often seem preordained. Life seems to play havoc with anyone with a Yod and they are forced to make changes because it is too difficult to accommodate these trying times.

All of these configurations referred to will have to be delineated by the house positions and by the planetary energies involved, as well as the story being told by other planets such as Mercury (it rules the mind and how one assimilates life) to determine how these configurations affect each individual.

You can also determine much about individual characteristics by any emphasis by sign and house. The sign that has several planets located within its limits, such as say five planets in Scorpio, can overpower a softer solar placement, although the Sun still has a role in the our individual makeup.

It is the same with an influence in specific houses such as say 5 planets in the fourth house. This particular influence suggests strong Cancer tendencies in the character of this individual. An individual with 5 planets in the fifth house (naturally ruled by Leo) a rising sign of Leo and a Sun sign of Capricorn would still want to move up the corporate ladder, but may not remain as low key as many Capricorn people would be, as Leo would push the personality out and make this individual very “centre stage” Leo as well as “driven” Capricorn by nature.

We will have more delineations methods to in our next Astrology post on September 3.


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