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A single lifetime on earth, in the broad scheme of things, is a very short period. It can feel that much shorter depending on when and if we wake up and start living life, rather than just drifting along ignoring the moment. Once we begin to focus on the moment, life’s experience becomes more relevant and has much more meaning and purpose.

When asleep, we flit from day to day with little recognition of what is happening. We fail to understand the emptiness within can only be filled with awareness and presence. We point the finger at others and fail to realize that we build our moments, and our tomorrows from our expectations and focus.

When we wake, we know and understand that we create life by our thoughts and will only experience limitations in life if these are part of our expectations. Our concentrated thoughts create our path.

Many individuals believe that the many lessons we are meant to learn throughout this life have already been determined. Whether the lessons are predetermined or change as we change our direction throughout life is irrelevant. We have choices on how we react to each and every event we experience. We have a choice on how we respond to that individual that held the door for us, to that driver that let us in through heavy traffic, to that young child who just lost their toy, to that driver that cuts us off, to the stoppage of traffic on the highway, to our house being broken into, to the loss of our spouse, and the list goes on. These do not have to be negative only experiences. The same holds true for what we term “beneficial” experiences. (Is there a non-beneficial experience?)

Could we have stopped the accident on the highway or the death of our loved one? Undoubtedly no. Do we have a part in the process of how we appreciate and enjoy our life? Without a doubt!

If we believe or consider the possibility that we are constantly building our tomorrows by what we do today and by our expectations, it possible that as we mold our journey it will flex as we build.

Even though we are positive, we will still experience hard lessons. These are part of our journey. Our reaction to the lessons is what is important.

Is it not possible for us to go through these life experiences (lessons) and our part in the process is to learn from them and then carry on? Perhaps this is part of destiny’s gateway!

I believe we must learn to take everything so personally. Should we be “owning” everything that happens? We are meant to experience but not own. These are not personal. They do not define us – they teach us.

We and only we make the decisions. We choose what we wish to believe and what response we will have throughout our journey. It is always in our hands even when we do not believe it is.

Perhaps all we need to do is watch life flow, be the spectator of all the events, learn from them and move forward without stress, being fearless and free. You will need to decide and then watch what builds from that decision.

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