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Do you feel as though you are alone with your worries?

Should you let go of fear or are your fears well founded?

There are often options that you may not have considered or have considered, and you walked away from them. Sometimes a situation demands action. If so, take action.

If there is fear, apprehension or concern about the situation at hand, then why would you not make that move?

Are there no options or are you stagnating because action and its outcome are unknown?

You can separate yourself from fear simply by moving away from the situation. You can undo the bondage and free yourself. It takes courage and resolve to unlock that door to freedom.

You are stronger than you think. Our frame of mind and belief structure can be a large hurdle. Most worry is self-made but in other cases is obvious.

You have overcome adversity before, so you are capable again.

In many cases you are not alone. There are others that can help you facilitate the change that you so need. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

You can do anything once you set your mind to do something. Face your problems head on. The initial step is always in your hands. Decide to act and take that step.

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