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Disruptions to Life

In the course of life, we will have periods of relative calm when life seems to flow along quite effortlessly. These periods can be soft and they provide us with time to simply enjoy and relax. These stages can even provide total peace and tranquility. Enjoy these moments and hold them dear to your heart. Realize that these times should be viewed on as gifts of time to reflect and to appreciate life’s magic.

When these moments dissipate and we experience transition or turmoil, it is important to understand that through these experiences we gain inspiration and excel in evolution. Although these periods can be experiences of extreme manifestation and can be exceedingly hard to handle and even accept, they are opportunities for great growth. They enhance life’s meaning in ways that the gentle moments could not accomplish.

Life is an unfolding story filled with both of these types of experiences. It is up to us to use these times (both challenging and relaxing) to learn from and to grow, through experience and contemplation. Nothing is by chance. We are meant to go through these times even those that seem extreme. To find and accept balance in life is important. We experience both sides of the coin (good and tough karma) which offers constant opportunities for growth.

Karma is often viewed as negative and few of us recognize that karma comes from both sides of the equation. It offers learning tools that we can often bring to the surface when needed. We are also building on our Karma in this life and our reactions to life’s events forecast future potentialities as we live our lives. It is believed by many that we can create and experience karmic here and now from and in this life, sparing challenging karma in our next life. Does this not promote positive karma in our lives to come as we are opening our arms now and welcoming karma for our current actions in our current life?

It is important to understand that our reaction to life events does dictate our current state of being and we can channel our life experiences in such a way that we do not have to live under constant struggle and traumatic life conditions. Life happens and there is no avoiding these conditions. Our reaction to these events and how long we choose to live in any mind frame, however, is always in our hands, regardless of how difficult the circumstances. We always have freedom of choice and can channel the minds’ focus in whatever way suits the occasion. This is not to say that we are supposed to and can pass up on reactions to sadness or turbulence. We are certainly meant to experience these emotional reactions to their full extent, but we have to listen to the quiet voice and hear what it is attempting to convey to us. These are our guides assisting us and our inner self prompting us in certain directions. Always pay heed.

Always live your life to the fullest and above all else, stay in the moment. Live for today. Let yesterday remain in the past and be open to all that life has in store for you in the future. Remember each and every experience is for our benefit regardless of our perceived severity of the events. It is our path and each path leads to enlightenment and understanding. We must leave our doors open and accept life with open arms. Our reaction to life is always in our hands and we are the master of our emotional destiny.

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