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Few, if any, of us will complete this journey without at one point or another experiencing some form of feelings of hopeless, and we may not know which way to turn. There are many reasons why we reach this emotional point and the list of possibilities is endless. If we sit to examine the exact cause of these feelings, we normally realize that where we heading or what we are experiencing simply does not fit (our expectations) where we would like to be going or what we prefer to be experiencing.

What can be done under these circumstances? Where do we turn? Who can we rely on?

In many cases, life seems to dictate. The only thing we can do to alleviate the problem is to let go of the reigns, to release our need for full control. Is doing this such a terrible thing? Have you been in care and control of all of the things that have happened in your life this far?

I believe that the destination is predetermined, how we arrive there is our choice. We can make adjustments along the way to make the road smoother, but is sitting back and letting go a good choice?

In some way, even under the harshest conditions, life’s events help us to grow. All lessons contain valuable information and growth for us. These lessons may be taking place to push us in a new direction. We may eventually understand that events can teach us how to be humble; to make us more aware of others, to make us aware of all of the gifts we are given in life or perhaps to help us to focus on the moment. In reality we are never off track; however, sometimes it may appear (feel) that way.

Our journey never stops, even after death. We know even through science that energy is perpetual.

We can find peace in this moment. Accept what is. Walk willingly with the lessons instead of fighting the inevitable and have faith in the process.

We are here to learn; be open but stay strong to your commitments. There is always something new in store for us. We are always on path. We have the strength to overcome. We will gain insight through our experiences. Life can be a wonderful experience and every little detail is special and is worth experiencing (do not let your reactions and expectations to these experiences take away from the lessons). Enjoy the ride, while living in the moment.

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