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We have been told that some individuals are finding it hard to stay in touch with their identity during stressful times.

You will never lose track of who you are, but you might find you feel you are off track from time to time.

There will be times when we lose track but with a little nudge, we are reminded of not only who we are but what our path in life truly is. These two go hand in hand.

It has been said before and we can hear it again, (as it is worth repeating), you are a spiritual being here for a temporary earthly existence. You are spirit and we are here to joint together with earthly lesson.

We are here as an individual, but we form part of the whole.

Our only limitations are the ones we place upon ourselves, and we decide where to step next by our convictions and actions. Our beliefs and focus are the creators of our experience and can strengthen or weaken our steps ahead.

We are always moving forward even during those times when we feel as though we are stagnated or moving backwards.

We are an integral part of the whole and always have purpose.

Do not underestimate yourself or your journey!

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