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Be fixated on the belief that anything can be resolved.

We are not at the mercy of life. Our mind, our attitude towards whatever life throws at us is fully in our control, once we realize we have this control.

There are times when we experience events we feel are devastating. We question the fairness of these events. Experience your feelings and then allow them to go. These events are not a part of you. Do not make them feel that they are. Process the events, feel the feelings but do not own them. We have the final say in how we deal with these events.

It is not an easy matter and it takes work and practice, but the underlying attitude is what matters.

We are at the helm and we decide on what note we take this ride of life.

Do not let issues lie festering and unresolved. Face life head on, observe truth and fight for justice when the need arises. Do not resort to violence but stand up to those that obstruct your path.

Change your situation if need be. Never give up and never give in but let go when you need to. Holding on to anything that no longer serves your greater good serves no purpose.

You have inner strength you need to make your way through any hard life lesson. Know this in your heart. Believe whole heartedly. You never have to be a prisoner to your life’s events.

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