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We have reviewed many astrological configurations in our posts. We have reviewed the birth chart aspects, the meanings of houses and planetary energies and the list goes on and on. What we would now like to touch on today is astrologically based, but a bit of a different angle.

There are many people that study Astrology through books, the classroom and by delineating their own chart and the charts of others. We at Holm Astrology have taken astrology courses, read many books and studied the subject in great depth. The beauty behind this science is that our forefathers have provided many transcripts and much information which has been gathered over a very long period of time. The history of Astrology goes back several thousand years and thank goodness for the information that has been formulated before us and is still available for us to utilize.

It is our hope that we can spark your interest in Astrology and provide you with a useful foundation if only to understand your own chart.

What we wanted to touch on in this segment is related to the natal chart and we promise not to go too deep all at once. We want to ensure that if you look into the workings of your own charts or would like to study other people’s chart that you have a good understand what is being laid in front of you. We also want to ensure that you understand although the chart speaks of details of many aspects of our personality as well as forecasting potential energies that are forthcoming, we as individuals are ultimately in the driver’s seat and it is in our hands to change anything that we may see in our charts.

We are not at the mercy of the astrological energies, and although transits and progressions certainly do have an impact on our lives and are extremely accurate in their definition, we always are at the helm and control our attitude and outlook on the outcome of these events as well as our responses to them. It is always at our discretion how we choose to view any incident that happens in our life. We can choose to be swept away and swallowed up by events or we can take control of how we handle any situation in our lives. Also the personality characteristics that come natural to us can always be adapted and tweaked to work for us instead of making life difficult.

Going one step further, our birth chart has many aspects and planetary placements that carry great weight in our lives; however, any square or opposition can be turned into a trine or sextile as our life moves forward. This is not to say that we will not experience the lessons that the aspect or planetary position suggests. We do suggest, however, that we can use the lessons to our advantage by making changes conducive to our growth and turn the lesson into something that not only that fosters growth on many levels but adds to who we are as individuals.

It is important, therefore, not to get overly caught up in challenging events within the astrology chart or in lessons suggesting disruptions through transit or progression. These are stepping stones to great development and achievements. We have the ability to learn lessons and conquer any obstacle in life including any challenging conditions within a birth chart. It is, of course, up to each individual to recognize this and put it into motion in their lives.

Please do not become overwhelmed by challenging conditions found within the birth chart. Understand, beyond question, that you can achieve success on any levels as a result of these challenging positions and aspects found within your birth chart. They are only insurmountable if you decide that they are.

We are certainly at the controls of our reaction to our life’s events. Nothing stands in the way of progress except our mind’s focus. Remember to channel all thoughts that are less than positive and channel them in a positive direction. Enjoy the beautiful journey of life and take advantage of the information that your Astrology chart provides you with.

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