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There can be many twists and turns in our life’s journey. We venture forth with great enthusiasm and with this enthusiasm we can push through adversity and challenging conditions as we strive for knowledge and more.

We will occasionally find ourselves confronted with a situation that appears to be insurmountable but with patience and an open mind we will find that a will door open where previously none existed.

These new doors are often found when we have reached our wits-end and simply let go. We have finally released and out of nowhere there is a new opportunity…..apparently materializing out of nowhere, the perfect resolution is presented.

Through release these opportunities appear. We push until there is nothing more to do; we let go and finally allow our pure life force to take control (sometimes without conscious understanding of this).

There is always a doorway waiting to be found and sometimes we are so busy and focused on looking for it, we cannot see it.

Searching and wanting implies that we are without and are lacking in life. This energy attracts more doing without and lacking. Remember, our focus is the key and we only get what we are focused on.

Opening the door by “letting go” and “letting life” seems far too simple. As a result, rarely do many of us take that route. We always think that acceptance is giving up. Allowing is not giving up or giving in. It is knowing that there is an energy much greater than that of an earth-bound individual stuck in their mental mind. Letting go and having faith allows our higher energies to flow.

Stop fighting the process. Release your anxiety and worry. Life always goes as it should, even when it seems as though it isn’t. You will always be presented with the right door and it will open if you just allow it to. Let this door reveal itself and simply be.

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