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There is no need for rush to develop our evolution/growth. Push and pull will never hasten success over the long haul. If we rush ahead, we make mistakes and can tire quickly. Persistent effort and the ability to move ahead regardless of obstacles is essential. One step at a time. We cannot skip any steps along the way.

Do not get caught up in what may feel like stalemates or stagnation. If we are not ready to move, we won’t; even when we feel we are ready. If we feel stuck, we can ask ourselves “do we need a rest or what other work needs to be done?”

Go easy on yourself. We are not running the quarter mile race. Endurance and persistence win this journey. There will be obstacles along the way. That is part of life. Obstacles teach valuable lessons. Life and evolution are tied together; they walk the same road. We evolve as we walk. We never stop learning.

Thought structure and expectations mold our life over time. We must believe in ourselves and know that we are our only obstacle. As we conquer our mind we free ourselves.

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