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Eclipse in Astrology

Eclipses are said to play an important role in Astrology. In varying degrees, they do in that if they fall on a planet or angle in your birth chart. The eclipse will activate the energies of the planet or point in your natal chart that they touch. Eclipses occur quite regularly. There are four eclipses in 2015. The first one occurred on March 20 which was a total eclipse and it was in the sign of Pisces at 29 degrees. We also have a lunar eclipse on April 4, which will be 14 degree of Libra. We have a partial solar eclipse on September 13 which falls in Virgo at 20 degrees and we will also have a total Lunar eclipse which occurs on September 27 at 4 degrees Aries.

It is said that if an eclipse occurs within a few degrees near a planet in your chart that it is often best not to start anything new. Quite often things go astray or life is misleading and not trustworthy. Plans go astray and often things do not turn out as they would at other points in time. Starting a business or making plans to take out a mortgage or deciding to make alterations to your life may not work out in your best interests. It is said that if you are planning to end a rough marriage or quit something that interferes with your life, these endings may work out well although you should look at the whole astrology chart to see what other mitigating factors might apply.

The planet’s energies that the eclipse falls on or is conjunct with will be imparted in the area of life dictated by its house position. It will impact your life in ways indicated by the meanings attached to that house. For example if you have an eclipse in the first house and Mars is at 5 degrees Aries in that house, when the lunar eclipse falls at 4 degrees in Aries on the 27 of September, it might not be a good idea to start some self-work project, like an exercise program, or vigorously pursuing an new avenue of expression such as a new job. It might, however, be a good idea to finish up a project which was set in motion in the past, or stepping away from a vigorous training program that is too difficult for you to complete.

In the above scenario, it would also be important to look at the axis point to that the first house activation which would also apply to matters related to the seventh house. There might be issues related to self needs verses your partner’s needs. It is believed by some astrologers that eclipses are linked to negative actions and many individuals will actually fear them because of this traditional belief. In many cases something challenging does occur but if you were to review the situation, it often suggests that change is required. The challenging circumstance is actually what assists the needed change to happen. In many cases it is often a by-produce of something good coming out of something difficult and the end result is just what was needed.

It is important to view your life in this fashion regardless of what takes place, at any given time. The lessons learned through challenging life conditions are often the perfect tool for evolutionary advancement on some level.

Have a look at your natal chart to see if any planetary links are found in your chart that will be activated by the upcoming eclipses occurring this year.

One more important factor to consider is that the development resulting from the Eclipse often takes time to unfold. Some say that the total unfolding process can take as long as six months. Do not expect things to happen on the day of the eclipse and at the same time do not live your life in anticipation of what might happen. Never waste time on possibilities in life. Live in the moment and enjoy your life to the fullest; always!

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