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We thought we would touch on the energy of eclipses and what might be experienced after an eclipse has touched off a sensitive area of our birth chart. For a noticeable influence from the energies of an eclipse, it would be found transiting within five degrees of a planetary link or angle in the natal chart. The closer to direct the eclipse is to the planet or angle the stronger the eclipse’s energies will be.

It is said that a Solar eclipse can have a lasting effect for up to one year for each hour that it lasts, while a Lunar Eclipse will last one month per hour of influence. However the strongest influence is usually tied to the first couple of months unless there are other mitigating factors affecting the same area of the Chart that keep its influence active (transits or progressions).

Both types of eclipses have the potential to bring changes to circumstances pertaining to the energy of the house and planetary link or angle that is being influenced. With a solar eclipse these changes are an outer expression and they are often indicative of crisis on some level, (much depends on the state of the link in the birth chart). Often when the eclipse’s energy is in effect, we begin something new. Some could reach a turning point in our life’s direction and some of us may experience a much smaller level of influence. Quite often however something happens that challenges us to make changes in our lives. This is particularly true in cases of a lunar eclipse.

Some experience transformations dictated by the house position and energized by the planetary link. For example there is a big difference in how it would affect Saturn in comparison to Venus or Jupiter even if it occurs in the same house, as their energies are very different from one another. These transformations that might be at hand should be viewed on as opportunities to make changes that are required or an adjustment in our attitude that is required. The changes and transformations that take hold during this time period is often permanent in nature.

With a Lunar Eclipse, there are also often dramatic changes that take place. These changes are sometimes in regards to relationships and are emotionally impacting. Often the conditions are inevitable and unavoidable but the rest of the chart should be studied carefully before making a deduction on what might happen. If there are other mitigating factors suggesting disruption within relationships then change might be inevitable. Fate does seem to have a hand in what takes place, but we always have control over our view and attitude towards the situation or change.

The energy is more on an internal level with the Lunar Eclipse and often some part of life that has gone stale or no longer serves to assist our growth undergoes change. These conditions are then replaced with something that is more in line with the life that we now walk. This can be emotionally challenging as we may not be comfortable with the steps we may now have to take. It is always challenging to move away from what once felt comfortable and we may feel that it is too challenging to move out of these conditions even when living under conditions that are less than ideal.

It has been noted that one month either side of the eclipse (that is before or after the date of the eclipse) that this period is considered times of action. When the eclipse positioning has passed into a square (90 degrees or three months) from the original position, energies often shift. This also occurs when it is in opposition of its original position, (180 degrees apart or 6 months). This last timeline is usually the finale of what took place when the eclipse occurred.


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