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We are all, undoubtedly, familiar with the ever present, relentless ego’s and its invasive insistence on making life less than ideal. We have learned to recognize ego’s intrusions. Recognizing its methods helps us to understand that it is not part of our true identity.

We are only held captive by its influence if we choose to identify with the feelings that ego creates. The more we identify with it, the more we empower it energies. Many live completely under its destructive influence. It is never too late to recognize its existence, release its grip and re-energize our free will.

Some may ask “Why would I want to dispel my ego? It serves me well”. If it is serving a positive purpose, it is not the ego. It may be your guides, your inner self or your intuition that propels these positive ideas forward into your consciousness.

The ego’s purpose is to stifle your growth in whatever way works for that particular moment. It is that relentless voice that stops you from moving forward in life. It is not that quiet reassuring voice that ensures you that you can do this, that you can succeed or that you are worth it. The voice of ego says that you do not have what it takes to excel in whatever goal you are aiming for at this moment.

Your goal is to release yourself from its hold, to recognize it for what it is and to stop identifying with its constant negative nattering. You can begin this process any time. You can start today and by recognizing how the ego works, you can identify it which will ensure you awareness of its intent.

The ego weakens and begins to lose its hold the more we recognize its negative chatter. It will fight to retain its mastery. It will fight hard to hold its ground and it becomes intense in its struggle to sideswipe the control you are gaining over your thoughts and their process. Eventually Ego’s nattering is as silly and ridiculous as those “justifying thoughts for just one more” of an ex-smoker. At this point the nattering is laughable and ego settles into its true place to help you awaken to your true identity, which is spiritual in its nature.

The process is yours to unfold. No one else can set this process in motion. Understand that it takes time and commitment to begin to notice any change, but it will come. It has taken your entire life for ego to obtain the control that it has and for most of us it will take some time to make this positive shift. We all move at our own speed. Do not back off. Never give up. Eventually you will win the battle. It is yours to win and nothing stands in the way, but ego.

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