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Life can throw some pretty heavy lessons at us sometimes.

We should never pretend that these have not happened. It is not advisable to run and hide from our emotions. We must experience, process and accept each and every event but we are not suppose to move in on the emotional experience permanently and own these events as part of us.

Face life head on. Sit down, acknowledge and come to terms with each of life’s events.

The human mind wants to rationalize each and every event and sometimes there are no rational explanations. Ultimately, we will have to accept all terms and conditions even though our mind cannot place the event into a neat little package.

If we bury our emotions from a traumatic event, when a similar event occurs, the emotions we did not deal with from the initial event will flood back and will only serve to compound the second similar event. Emotional pain and suffering is never an easy lesson but if we face each lesson as they are presented, we are not carrying extra baggage forward to deal with again in the future.

Understand the various stages that are normal mental reactions when dealing with great emotional issues. Know that you can experience denial, anger, placing blame (on yourself and others) to name only a few. Our mind will look for ways to avoid acknowledging the emotions we need to process.

It is in these times of extreme stress and utter sadness we find resilience that we never knew existed within us. Allowing, acknowledging, experiencing and then letting go of emotional pain can be difficult but one that is achievable and essential and actually rewarding in the end.

As devastating as some life event can be, life does go on.

We can allow ourselves to be a victim of circumstance and move into our house of grief and suffering to take up permanent residence or we can be a student of the lessons (and there is no question that some life lessons are quite difficult) and embrace the support that surrounds us, learn the life lesson and move forward to “live” (not exist) life as we should.

If we broke a bone, would we seek out professional help to have the bone set properly (painful while being reset) which will allow us to have a pain free future OR would we ignore the break and allow it to set on its own (less painful now) but what continual pain will we experience in the future?

Embrace the support available. Talk to others about how you are feeling. Reach out for professional support if it is needed and allow the wounds to heal.

The support we require will come from difference avenues. Our inner strength will rise up if we allow it to. We WILL become stronger and we WILL heal if we do not deny.

We have what it takes to heal from any life event……. from every emotion felt.

Breathe with purpose. Feel the life force deep within you. Recognize your strength and abilities. Love yourself enough to allow healing. You are worth it!

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