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There are no reasons, no matter what the chatter in our mind suggests, that we cannot give ourselves more freedom, self acceptance, and self-promotion.

We are fully capable of addressing any situation and have the ability to move in any direction that we may wish to take. By being self-reliant, we gain strength, and we recognize our own power which is reassuring. This attitude over time will build confidence in our capabilities and abilities.

By relying on others to make decisions or to channel our ideas, we sell ourselves short and we can soon lose sight of our own value.

Our decisions propel us forward and light our path. It is so important to recognize our capabilities and in doing so, gain strength and confidence with every decision we make.

Do not be obsessed with potential failures. We all make mistakes along the way. We learn from our shortcomings and become wiser because of them. We cannot hold back because of fear. Fear is the only thing that stands in the way of progress.

We are our own personal answers. No one else understands us the way we understand ourselves.

Why should others dictate which path to take?

You should recognize your own personal strengths and there is no better way to do this than to keep pressing forward.

Our life awaits our own personal promotion. This is the positive ego at its best.

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