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We are fortunate to continually expansion of our insights and an understanding of our own true nature. We are uncovering the secrets behind natural living and we can practice these basics daily.

Some of us are graced with a natural recognition of these and the utilization of the potential within. Some individuals are clearly on this path and inspire others along their way. They are a beacon in our journey.

It IS a beautiful life no matter the strife experienced from time to time. As we develop our understanding, we recognize that there are important lessons behind these times of strife and many of us have learned to actually welcome these lessons into our lives. We understand that in challenging ourselves and opening up to awareness, we uncover dimensions of ourselves and of this reality that we did not previously know existed. How fortunate are we to comprehend this?

Experiences met with resistance leaves us with an unpleasant reality.

What a wonderful gift to be free to accept life’s events with open arms. With this mental attitude, we are coming to understand the ego and its plight. We can acknowledge that we are not part of ego nor is it a part us. We have the potential of finding a life free of its influence but only through awareness can this happen.

Why are some so caught up in life’s events? They simply are not ready to comprehend this realization but their evolutionary state knows when the time is right. Do not judge those that do not comprehend, they are walking their own path. They have chosen their journey and will experience what they need to experience for their own personal growth. We must accept this even when it hurts (to stand back, watch and accept). Who are we to judge or force our opinion on others?

We cannot heal others if we have not first taken care of our own wounds. We can neither hurry our own personal evolution nor the personal evolution of someone else. Patience they say is a virtue and we must certainly learn this.

Be patient with yourself and appreciate the distance you have already travelled.

Allow peace even in the face of adversity. Be strong particularly under these conditions.

Offer assistance to those that are ready to hear your message and your help.

Know that you are moving in your intended direction.

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