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What is our energy field? Does it range in frequency? What can we do to enhance its strength or frequency?

Our energy field is our life’s force. It is the energy that surrounds and permeates from us. It has been called our aura which can be seen by certain individuals as varying colours. Our energy field can also be a reflection of what we expend outward during our daily life. It varies in frequency by how we relate to our environment and mirrors that which we feel as a vibration. It varies day to day depending on what thoughts we allow ourselves to run with and how we feel about what it is we are experiencing in the moment. Our physical wellbeing can also affect our energy field or is our physical wellbeing affected by our energy field?

Attitude plays a huge part in the process and our response to life is reflected in our vibration. This vibration is constantly resonating out into the world. Think of wave on the ocean. They can be affected by weather or climate, (life circumstances) and passing vessels (information coming through). We can be influences by the climate we live in and this climate (life circumstances) tends to influence our lives whether we are aware of it or not. Once we become aware, we can take shelter from the tide (control our emotions and how we react to stimuli in our lives).

By channeling our focus in directions that add to our overall well-being and our immediate surroundings, we surge our energy field in these directions and can omit focusing on what we prefer not to follow or experience. By focusing on love and compassion, we do not experience hate and indifference. By nurturing love, we readily help those in need around us which adds to the energy field of love and peace. By giving off this type of energy it will radiate from our core and will then be shared by those that meet us and this energy is also reflected into our environment.

Our energy field or vibes are a reflection of how we live our lives, how we view our lives and how we care for and aid those around us. It radiates from us as do our moods. For example, walk into a room where someone has just had an argument. The saying goes “You could cut the air with a knife”. Another example would be that gut feeling we get when we first meet someone. We do not know this person but we certainly know if we would like to nurture a relationship with them or if we should simply turn and walk away. We can read each other’s energy fields if we are open to these energies.

Meditation and practicing visualization will push us in our direction of choice. It can take time but we can open the door to perception, understanding and truth.

There are countless energy fields in our world. They may be calling us to join in with the conscious evolution that is occurring. We can open our hearts and add to the loving energy so many others fail to recognize but feel subconsciously. If we are focused on fear, we cannot feel love. But if we are focused on love, we cannot hate. Which energy do you choose to be a part of?

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