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Entering the Foothills of Knowledge Part II

We are continuing from our post on Monday with our look at this journey we have embarked on

As mentioned in Monday’s post life as we once knew it, although it may not have been long ago, now seems quite separated from our current life. Our world is slowly opening up on different channels and knowledge is filtering through. We are beginning to conceive the oneness of life and are aware that there is something bigger than self. Call this God, call it love, call it our source, call it what you will, but we recognize its existence.

Although we feel as though we are completely through that threshold, we also understand that we are actually only a few steps in and there is so much more ahead of us. Relinquishing ego interference becomes the primary focus and in understanding how ego works, we filter through concepts we have held about ourselves and life in general. We are gaining a vantage point that was not available before and using the information learned to further our evolutionary growth.

It is a wonderful journey and we are at the early stages. Imagine what lies beyond that next corner. Actually do not allow your imagination to venture down the road. It is totally new. Allowing anticipation and “wanting” only serves to slow down progress.

We understand that we will learn in our own way and only when we are ready, regardless of where we are and what we think we are capable of attaining.

The path is brand new to us although well-trodden. This journey feels totally new yet at the same time so very familiar. Understanding these concepts is a little foreign to us initially, as in earth terms we have great difficulty explaining anything that we are experiencing as it is not of this world, yet totally connected to it. Definition of the experience is so very challenging with our earthly limitations.

Walk along the road that is now before you (yet “ahead” and “behind” is not a clear description either). It is an exploration of new concepts and understanding that is familiar and yet new at the same time. Trying to define this only leaves us lost in translation so we will leave it as such.

Understand that the road we now walk has many others on its path. We must embrace and enjoy our place along that road, and realize how wonderful and adventurous that road is. We are fortunate to be at the stage we are at (not matter what stage it is), as there are countless others that may still be sleep.

We can express ourselves by being the light that now shines brighter in our very core. We are to allow that knowledge, that understanding to drape us. We do not have to act in any particular way as what radiates outward is only an expression of what is taking place within. If we find that the outer expression seems to waver, do not be dismayed. Letting go and moving forward is a struggle for the ego. Its expression can be released on many levels. Do not identify with it, however; and do not make it your own.

There is no particular way to respond to what is taking hold in our lives, although it does encompass the main ingredients of love and compassion. We simply live our lives and enjoy every minute. Understand and accept this. We must live our lives in pure wonderment of what life is for each of us. It is our life to experience and share. It is our life to enjoy. Reflect the pure force radiating within.

Let your pure core flow, and do not worry what others may think. You are who you are. That is that. BE!


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