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Is it not time to raise our joined consciousness and focus attention on a positive direction?

Our world and I specify “Our World” (both Mother earth and all the inhabitants sharing her bounty) appears to be under duress.

We, individually and as a whole, can offer assistance in healing. Our quest is to have as many people as possible (from all walks of life in as many countries as possible) join as one in the name of love and hope.

Our earth and its people are experiencing challenging influences. Some are in the areas being directly affected by war, by famine, by fire, by drought, by pestilence, by corruptness, by anger and violence. We can have an influence over these. Take some time to see what you can do on a personal level. Work towards making this world a better place starting with your own private space and family. Share your personal wealth, whether that be by donation, by assistance to those in need, by dedicating some time, by meditation, by consideration of others plight, by whatever means fits your directive.

Please helping us with this effort, first by awareness, either by sharing this post or creating one of your own to reach as many people as possible to plant a seed. Let’s work together to create a safer, compassionate, caring world through our own personal acts. It begins with you.

Our focus is to live in a healthy, loving world for all living things and promote the importance of this. We would ask that everyone focus their attention not towards healing as this implies sickness. We are not questioning whether this is true or not. Our focus creates our reality and knowing this we want to focus on a healthy world not a faltering one.

Imagine everyone focusing or envisioning a vibrant, high energy Mother Earth and all living things that inhabit her filled with love and peace. Picture this already set in motion.

There is power in numbers. We are spirit, living in the flesh with the light within us. We do not know what the full repercussions of our joint effort can be but beyond a doubt, it will be a move in a positive direction.

Will you help?

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