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If we allow ourselves a few moments to reflect on who we are, without condemnation, only paying attention to the most positive traits that comprises our true energy, who are we?

We have to come to terms with who we think we are and then disassociate our self from any preconceived negative notion that we have.

Our focus magnifies any concepts of what we choose to identify with and in so doing, we believe ourselves to be what we focus on. We perceive this focus as our identity. We have been misled by the belief that if we identify with any concept or notion that these must be part of our identity.

We are in a constant state of “becoming”, and what we believe are facets of our true identity only gather in strength and we identify with them as who we are. If there is something in our makeup that clearly misrepresents who we want to be, then it is in your hands to make a conscious choice as to whether we will allow it to manifest in physical and mental terms. We are at the command centre and are not at the mercy of our beliefs, unless we believe that we have no control of what transpires in our life.

Who you are now is, in part, a formulated concept of what you believe makes up the true you, up until this moment in time. You have manufactured this identity, and it is your identification with this that makes it real.

You may find that we use the term “identify” over and over again. It is our hope that this repetition will help you understand and make you aware of the control you have over situations in your lives and the manufacturing of who you are becoming.

If there is something within you that you do not like, let it go. Stop believing that it is a part of who you are. You, personally, are the only person that makes anything in life truth, including your identification with concepts of all kinds. We all manifest our beliefs over time and where we are and who we believe we are, now runs in conjunction with what we have allowed to come into our realm of consciousness.

The saying goes, “We become who we associate with” and this is why we are told early in life, to pick our friendships with care. This is true but again, if we are influenced by another’s personality, we have made a choice to accept these characteristics and made them our own.

Our focus allows the trait to grow and expand within us. Who we are and who we are becoming is a personal choice. We cannot place responsibility on others.

Look within and acknowledge what makes you feel comfortable and content. Hold on to those qualities. Acknowledge and release anything that does not resonate with you. You have been doing this, unconsciously, your whole life. Now it is time to do it on a conscious level.

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