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We are not the only ones to walk the road of hard lessons at some point or another. No one completes this journey without allowing some type of stress, sorrow or disappointment. It is during these times that we are forced to turn inward to find strength and knowledge. Some of us recognize the lessons, learn and move on. Others own the events and make them personal. They get caught up in their emotions and one unthinkable event follows another.

Some of us are superstitious and believe events happen in pairs or happen in threes, etc. As a result of this belief, these individuals search for mishaps to confirm their beliefs. By looking for frustration or disappointment, we are ensuring that we find it. Let’s not forget that we create our reality. Where we place our thoughts, we will reap the rewards of that focus, easy or difficult.

It is also suggested that we need to experience pain in our lives in order to move forward in our evolution. It is said that struggles are what make us strong and as we take each step along the way we gain in wisdom from these events. This is true. Most lessons taught at the school of hard knocks are lessons well learned. When we learn to recognize the lessons in life, however, we can accept them more readily, without anxiety or resistance, and turn the hard knocks into lessons easily learned. So do we actually have to struggle to learn?

In recognizing life’s blessings and holding them dear to our heart, we just might find the answer we need and accept them without experience. We can welcome lessons with open arms and learn what it is we need to without a struggle. When shooting the rapids, why would we ever attempt to tackle the current? Is it not far more productive to ride the current? We can actually enjoy the ride. We can learn that the blessings from life’s lessons are sometimes in disguise.

Each of us have suffered and been hurt, but we also can accept happiness and contentment if we choose to allow these. When we open our mind to the blessings, our mind’s focus will help us uncover even more. Focusing on negativity serves no further purpose then to send a message into the universe that we want more of the same.

We create the quality of our lives in each and every moment through our attitude. When we find ourselves caught up in unhappiness, rekindle your connection to an event that made you feel good inside. This will help you steer you focus to appreciation and positivity.

Our lives are but a moment in time – this moment, right now! We hold the secrets to our own quality of life, to our own contentment and to our own happiness. Focus and appreciate.

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