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In 2019, the Fall equinox will be September 23 at 3:50 a.m. EDT.

Typically the equinoxes represent the equal division of day and night.

The Spring equinox (Ostara) celebrates new beginnings and fresh starts.

The Fall equinox (Mabon) celebrates reaping the rewards of our hard labour and gathering the harvest. The Fall equinox is a time of reflection on the harvest of our achievements and often considered a time of change. It is linked to the sign of Libra which above all else is a sign striving for balance. The balance that we should strive for is the knowing of what we need to hold on to and what we need to let go of.

Some consider this a time of sacrifice as we now reap the rewards of our labour and if we have not sown the seeds of life in the manner we needed to, we may have to sacrifice because of these shortfalls and count our losses. We, at Holm Astrology, like to see it on the flip side. It is not a sacrifice but a lesson well learned. Life is much like a mirror. It reflects back what we put out.

Astrologically, the Fall equinox represents a balancing point of our self-image. Do we disapprove of what and where we find ourselves? Now is the time to review our goals for our life’s quest. Do we continue with the conquests we have created or do we adjust before we move on? This review will assist us in recognizing our abilities and true self.

On the opposite side, the spring equinox is linked to the sign Aries and Aries begins things and initiates action. These two points (spring and fall equinox) are known as cardinal points. The cardinal points in the horoscope are known as action points. They are used as timing devices and lead to activity, drive, ambition, and involvement. During these cycles, we should consider this as a time of action -- either related to the start of something or the end or culmination point of whatever action we have already taken.

It is a time to actively pursue a course of action, to take control of our lives and push forward in the direction of our choice. Cardinal signs are action oriented and strive for activity that is often personally initiated. This should be the time we utilize to things happen. Do not wait for or rely on others.

This will be the time to push ahead or count our losses which ever applies. (“Losses” is actually not the word we are looking for. Lessons are never losses. They are gains but they push us in totally different directions than the direction we thought we should be moving in.) If we are going to move in a new direction, than now is the time to set these new things in motion. Use the energies of the equinox to push forward and make the changes needed to address any situation that needs addressing. The time has come to move beyond any stagnated stages of life that have held us back. Now is the time to reap the rewards after a busy season of planting the seeds and nurturing growth. These efforts are now ready to be harvested.

Take advantage of the energies available. What are your goals? What can be done to see these to fruition? Do you have to tweak or start over? How do you see yourself? What do you like about yourself? Are you willing to change or is change even necessary? Do you love yourself? There are so many questions we can ask!

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