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Have you ever pondered the dynamics of your relationships with acquaintances as well as your relationships with close family members? How do these relationships fit into your life?

As we age, we more than likely have come to terms with friends coming and going throughout life. Why did you or your friends move on? What did you learn from these relationships and what was shared that made that connection important at the time?

Long lasting, close, childhood friends certainly play an important role in our lives. Besides the comradeship and exciting experiences shared, these friends always seem to know just what to say in times of stress or during the questioning stages that we all go through. Have they been brought into our lives for specific reasons? If we dig deep enough, we will uncover some of the true reasons for their valued connection.

Over time some of these relationships will fade for whatever reasons. Some even leave us unexpectedly. They have served their purposes. We gain some type of insight from each one of these relationship and carry forward a part of who they were with us throughout our life’s journey.

With those that have stayed with us throughout the years (even if many miles physically separate us) we grow together. Are these souls that we have shared previous incarnations with? Pay special attention to these individuals; they undoubtedly have something specific to teach us.

Not all family members share their lives with each other but those that stay close also have a special role to play. Again have we shared previous incarnations with them as well? We may have shared many lives together. It does not mean that we have a perfect relationship or that we always see eye to eye. There will be times, however, when they say things that we need to hear. We learn from them and they from us.

Again, it is not always under pleasant conditions that we are joined, but sometimes the hardest lessons come through these channels. We learn to adapt to these people and love them just the way they are.

In most cases, our loved ones are special and we share much of our lives and could not image living without them.

Count your blessings each day and pay attention to your close acquaintances and family members. It is interesting trying to figure out just what their purpose is in your life and maybe it is not ours to know. When and if you do realize their purpose, you may be pleasantly surprised. With this knowledge can also com a new understanding and appreciation for the relationship that you share. These can be your life mates. Enjoy the company!

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