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For those of us that honour the concept of reincarnation, when we think of family and accept that many members have shared other lives with us, we cannot help but feel honoured. We chosen to be together again and share our lives within our intimate inner circle. It has been said that our parents could be the ones we have shared the most life experiences with. It has also been said that relationships of shorter duration still have an important role in our evolution.

Our brothers and sisters are also part of our soul family, as well as some of our intimate friends. Most of us have met people in our lives that we just feel very comfortable with, right from the beginning. There is a strange feeling of familiarity that we cannot explain. Our souls recognise each other. Even those people that we do not see eye to eye with have an important part to play in our life and we should not dismiss this importance.

We can recognize our karmic connections both good and difficult. We also are currently building karma as we live our lives together now. We have our role to play with our close acquaintances. We cannot think of those “chance meetings” in any way but significant. We learn from these people and in turn they learn from us. In many cases we play vital roles in each other’s lives. There is no such thing as chance. We have come together for a reason and every exchange has its significance.

Many friends come and go in our lives, but some are here for the duration. We may have been brothers in previous lives or sisters or father and son and the list of potentials goes on and on. We all play our parts and we learning from each other. Do not let these relationships pass you by without recognize the importance of these people and honor their return no matter what the relationship between you might be. We love each other on many different levels and each one of us plays an integral part in our ongoing evolutionary journey. What an honour.

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